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30 March

How to stop the Commonwealth Bank taking your money

The bank has a new way of ensuring they get paid first. Kate's lost $2,000 from her account the day after pay day. Hear her story and let us explain how Mortgage Miser can help.

09 January

Living debt free

What would it feel like to be debt free? If you could grab control of your expenses and know what you are going to spend next month how would that change your day? What if you had a plan and could choose to take the holiday you always wanted?

12 April

9 ways to Attack Expenses and Save your Income

The easiest way to make more money is to spend less of the money you already have. A $3 coffee a days costs you $1,000 before tax. An unused Gym membership, a poorly selected car insurance or medical insurance all erode what you have worked hard for. Have a look at these resources and see what you can save. Number 5 saved me a lot of money. The last one though is my favourite. Ensure that you and your partner

12 April

Our Story

I co-founded Mortgage Miser because I am passionate about helping families pay down their mortgage faster and get control of personal debt. In a word I want to give people HOPE. Home mortgages are the largest forgotten debt people have. In Australia the average family will pay double the value of their home to their banks. Half of that is interest. Banks are great at lending money but they are not as interested in helping people save money. What they