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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement: Mortgage Miser is an Australian owned company that has a singular focus
to set you free from the burden of your mortgage.

Mortgage Optimiser is a budgeting tool designed to work in association with your current mortgage with a view to reduce the term of the mortgage without the need to refinance, change banks or increase loan repayments!

Your home Mortgage is the largest forgotten debt in your life. Hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to the bank and the banks want to keep it that way.

With Mortgage Miser we can show you how to get control of your finances and plan for the future.

The innovative Mortgage Miser software takes a unique approach to debt management as you can actually see it reducing debt whilst improving cash flow.

We believe anyone in Australia with a Home Loan can save tens of thousands of dollars using our program.

What would you do with an extra $140,000?

We will tell you the truth and the truth will set you free!

Reduce the term of your current mortgage

Mortgage Miser is focused on releasing you from mortgage stress.

If you can avoid paying unnecessary home loan interest you will reduce the term of your mortgage.

Let us show you how this can happen.

Track your money and to find lost income

The graph below shows what people's expenses can look like when they pay no attention to managing their bills.

This is how Mortgage Miser clients operate.
Accessing a tool that helps them avoid defaulting on their monthly home loan repayments and having the money to pay their bills on time everytime.

Avoid paying unnecessary bank interest

The banks have conditioned you to accept the idea of a 30 year Home Loan. They want you to set and forget.

The only reason banks have 30-year Mortgages is to maximise their profits.

The graph opposite shows how much of your repayment goes to the bank in the first 15 years.

You can reduce your mortgage by at least 10 years by avoiding paying unnecessary bank interest by utilizing the Mortgage Miser Loan Tracking Tool.

Saving money and fast tracking your savings.

Here is the Mortgage Miser plan.

Instead of following the bank blindly, you can quite simply take control yourself. The Mortgage Miser tool can show you how.

Let’s look at this typical Home loan.

Jane and Peter have had a $495,000 Home Loan at 4.10% pa for the next 25 years. First of all they are paying too much for their Mortgage.

The Interest they will pay for the remaining 25 years of their loan is $297,060 on top of the $500,000. Using the Mortgage Miser Tool they will be clear of their home loan and debt free in 20 years with some basic work. By paying the loan off 5 years sooner they will be mortgage free in their 50’s, well before they retire.

How would you feel if you were Mortgage free 12 years sooner without effecting your lifestyle?


David Box

Co-Founder / Manager

Warwick Foster

Co-Founder / Manager

What people say about us

The reason we invited Mortgage Miser out to see us was we were not getting anywhere with our mortgage. When it was suggested we could pay our mortgage off faster without refinancing or increasing our loan repayments we wanted to know more. David's presentation was easy to understand and very informative and it was extremely frustrating to see the massive profits the banks were making. The Mortgage Miser tool showed us very clearly how much unnecessary interest we were paying but more importantly, by making a few simple changes, how much we could start saving. Anyone with a mortgage should look at this as it simply helps you control your spending without affecting your lifestyle, you know where your money is going at all times, you can stop paying unnecessary interest immediately and it allows you to plan ahead.
- Matt & Bec, Pakenham, Vic
Met David Box when we re-mortgaged our property with Rams many moons ago. David then introduced us to his new product “Mortgage Miser” and as we were in the process of planning to build a second house we jumped at the opportunity to try a product that would help us save money. The product helped us immensely in forecasting how our finances would stand up against a new investment property as well as a new fur baby (Labrador puppy) and baby boy that was on the way. David carefully went through the Mortgage Miser program with us and encouraged us to start tracking our spending habits. To anyone who is under mortgage stress or would like help in predicting their financial situation in the future, Mortgage Miser is a fantastic tool which will allow you to see where you're going wrong with your finances and to see where you could be if you make some simple changes and “tighten the purse strings” to save for bigger future items (family holiday, new car, a new baby). Mortgage Miser allows you to input expected expenditure and to estimate at what date in the future you can make a big purchase, an excellent tool for future planning. Thanks to David Box and the Mortgage Miser Team, this product has assisted us greatly and we will soon be living the life we envisioned free of financial worries.
- David & Carla, Mernda, Vic
The Mortgage Miser team and program is really worth the investment. We can now pay off our mortgage in fast time, putting money back in our pockets and not the banks. We can also pay off all our other bad debts and set our selves up for retirement well before 65. With a large family of seven and a single income household, Mortgage Miser has been a blessing and we really look forward to beating the banks, become free of bad debts and have our own assets not the banks well before we turn 65. Thanks David and the Mortgage Miser team as really look forward to the successful journey ahead.
- Sionne, Hunter Valley, NSW
David, I will never forget how God guided me to you and you saved me from losing my home. You helped me keep a roof over me and my 6 year old daughter's head. Bless you.
- Anastasia, Malvern East, Vic
Having had to refinance after separating at the age of 45, I was left with a new 30 year mortgage. With David’s program my mortgage will be paid off in 11 years, 2 years before my 60th birthday. You have given me hope David. All I can say is … thank God you found me.
- Ray, Hillside, Vic
It is no secret life has its challenges and more so as young parents of three children under the age of nine! And trying to keep on top of the finances tops the list of difficulties for us. This is where Mortgage Miser is my hero. Here I am sitting at my computer, entering all our bills onto my personal Expense page. It's always been a challenge for me budgeting but NOW I can clearly see where all our money goes! All the stress of adding up individual bills and weekly expenses gone with them all laid out simply for me to see. Keeping our finances in the black has always been like treading water for us, but I know when we are consistently back-in-the-black we will be rewarded with an early mortgage payout and savings of $40,000-00 in interest (if not more). The Mortgage Miser program has already helped this financial illiterate get back on track in just six months.
- Alex & Amy, Narre Warren, Vic
We commenced the program on 23 Oct 2015 and by 21 Dec 2015 we have reduced our mortgage by $3012-00. What can I say? Mortgage Miser works. Thank you David.
- Gavan & Jane, Craigieburn, Vic
In 2012 we were in serious trouble with our credit cards and our home loan when we were introduced to David Box. We have since reduced our home loan by $60,000-00, paid off our credit cards and we are keeping on top of our finances by making the two simple changes David suggested. We are years ahead and we will be paying off our home loan in approximately 7 years, instead of 30 years. If we can do it than anyone else with an open mind can from what we learnt from David.
- Mendo & Carolina, Cranbourne, Vic

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